Ok Mark J. you are either crazy or you may of consumed to much Hawaiian super juice. Either way you are funny!!!! You are asking me to not have any opinions for two weeks. I almost fell off my chair laughing. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I do give my opinions to many times when not ask for. I am enjoying this self discovery. As soon as you finished talking about this I went to my wife and told her. She laughed also. I went to bed last night laughing at me! As I thought about opinions again it hit me, “OPINIONS ARE THE PARENTS OF NEGATIVITY!”   So since I know I keep my promises I am going to win this opportunity also. Sheila, Mark, Davene and Trish keep kicking my butt!

Jim Schaben You Have Greatness Within You,

Jim Schaben


week 4 “I can be what I will to be”

The lesson Part 4 has the Power to be the game changer!

As I reflect back on my life success’s there is one glaring constant. My thinking! What did I spend my time thinking about? Creating and Service. How many new people could we help, make their life better and more efficient. Creating a new product, a more efficient way of getting things done or maybe a new service for the people we served or the new people coming on board. Every moment was about creating and serving. I was focused on a cause and didn’t even know it. This cause woke me up early every morning and supplied me with the energy and mindset to succeed every day. immense energy was expended every month and immense effect was created. Were there challenges? So many I couldn’t keep count of them. I overcame them because I was focused on the cause. As shared in the lesson “when I made up my mind I was not to be overruled by obstacles.” They were opportunities to discover was I ready to grow to another level!!!!!!!!!!!

Section 20-21 of the lesson especially made me stop and reflect on the past but more so what I must do to secure my FUTURE. 20- Here is the secret of power, of mastery. We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong. If we wish to be of service to others we must have power and more power, BUT TO GET IT WE MUST GIVE IT; WE MUST BE OF SERVICE. 21- the more we give the more we shall get; “we must become a channel whereby God can express activity.”

This lesson has made me think to my core.

“I can be what I will to be”

Jim Schaben You Have Greatness Within You,

I keep my promises,

Jim Schaben

Week 3 eliminating Will

This weeks webinar was liberating. I had been challenged the previous two weeks in reading scroll 1 from The Greatest Salesman because of continually reading I will. Even though I have read this book at least 10 times before starting the Master Keys. Yes I read it as suggested except I missed reading it twice for two days, no good excuse, I just didn’t do it. Something inside of me just didn’t feel right every time I read “I Will”. I knew there was going to be a lesson to learn so I kept doing it. When Mark at the beginning of Sunday’s webinar said one of the things to do this week was to cross out will from scroll one my spirit jumped for joy. I first went through the scroll and put a line through all the words “will”, and then reread the scroll. I was amazed how my mind still wanted to read will even though a part of my mind said do not read the word “will”. I read it a second time still the same results. I told myself I will fix this and took a black marker and completely blacked out the word will. Amazing results in reading the scroll out loud only one time did I insert the word will. The second time 100% success. “NO WILL’S” ONLY A SURGE OF ENERGY ABOUT WHAT I WAS  ACCOMPLISHING. Upon finishing the second reading I wrote –  I Pomise, Will is no more!!!! I keep my promises, James Mark Schaben

Jim Schaben you are uncovering the greatness you have in You.

Week 2 Master Key

Week 2 has been a continuation of learning to be disciplined and not making excuses. Some of this has been scary in learning the learning process. The sit is becoming comfortable. I watched the webinar a second time to reinforce listening to the session on Sunday. I think I am feeling something inside of me stirring. I picked legacy and true health as my PPN’s. Ready to redo my DMP.

Waking the greatness I have within me,

Jim Schaben

Mastering Master Key

Everything in life has a learning curve. I am up to the challenge. I am creating new habits and a little of my drive is coming back. It is true that what we think about controls our life. I am changing my thinking habits. My thinking habits plus action will change my life. As you are reading this you might ask yourself am I satisfied with my results? If not make a change. Do something about it.

To your greatness<

Jim Schaben