Master Key Experience Week 23- Service and More Service

Service and more service. 

This past four days have been spent in action. Four days, three states, four presentations and two training sessions. 

This series of presentations have been different for me. The focus has truly been, what can I, Jim Schaben do to be of more service to each individual. What could I do with each moment to be a more effective leader to lead them to the achievement of their goals. 

I presented the hedgehog principle that help them see that to be successful they needed to stay focused on the A and B priorities that are the economic engine that drive our business. I wished I would of videoed the presentation. The expression on their faces as they “caught” the message was priceless. Then I used the tennis ball, three golf balls two quart jars and rice to let them see how they can put their A and B priorities on their calendar and fit the rest of life around their priorities and be successful in “All” of life. Again the facial expressions were priceless. I could see the confidence level in their beings rising to new levels. To top it off I used the paired comparison to let them tell me the A and B priorities of our business. Again the expressions were priceless. No explanations needed. The facts as they completed the paired comparison were silently so loud in the room everyone “caught” the message. 

In 15 years of training I have never had such an overwhelming positive response. People came to me with conviction in their eyes and said, “Now I see how I can do this and live my life to the fullest!”

I walked away from each presentation energized. Not emotionally drained.

MKMMA leaders and guides thank you for your guidance. 

Until next week,

Jim Schaben 


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