Masterkey Experience Week 22

22:1 When we realize that our present character, our present environment, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical condition are all the result of past methods of thinking, we shall begin to have some conception of the value of knowledge.

Don’t those words cut to the bone and put responsibility right where it belongs. As I read these words my Mothers words come clear in my mind. “Jim, choose your friends and surroundings wisely they both have the ability to affect your life. Positively and negatively.” The love of a Mother for her children carries forward for generations.

One of my first understandings of her words became very clear my sophomore year of high school. On Friday nights after the football games a couple of my friends and some older friends would drive around and drink beer. Yes I knew I was not supposed to do this. Just did it any way. Well one of my friends got into a scuffle with his ex girl friends new boy friend. Fortunately no one got anything but their feelings hurt. As we all know, news travels fast. Monday morning the school secretary comes and gets me out of class right before lunch and shares with me Father Dreiling wants you to be his guest for lunch. Man was I pumped. I had eaten his incredible food before. I couldn’t wait to get there. It didn’t dawn on me he had never taken me out of school before. Upon getting there the aroma of his spaghetti and meat balls filled the room. My mouth was watering. Father Dreiling was a very special person in my life. He had filled many voids. He was more than a priest to me. He was a guiding light in my life. Father Dreiling placed the food in front of me and very confidently said we need to talk. He asked about the details of Friday night and then responded, thank you for telling the truth. I had to take responsibility for my actions and the environment I had placed myself in, and I did. His words stung but they were true. I had to make some changes and I did.

As I have been a part of the Master Keys one recurring theme is constant of my past. The importance and value of Spiritual leaders in my life and the “Life Principles” they taught me. Where would I  be if they had not entered my life. Even more important, that I need to remember their importance in fulfilling my definite major purpose in my life. Everything and anything lasting that I have accomplished in my life has been when I have had my creators guides in my life.   The meaning and clarity of one of my True Best Friends dream about me and my future is becoming very clear to me each week as I press forward with the MKMMA lessons.

MKMMA leaders and guides thank you for laying the ground work for me to discover my pivotal personal needs and my definite major purpose for my life.

Until next week,

Jim Schaben




2 thoughts on “Masterkey Experience Week 22”

  1. Jim, every young person needs a Father Dreiling. Maybe we are supposed to fill that role for someone…. The Good Lord knows I have given counsel to not only my children, but also some others’. Of course there are times when the other child’s parents are not to happy for me straightening out their child when I felt it was necessary, but I certainly welcome any parent trying to help my children lead better lives!


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