Master Key Experience Week 24- VISION

Throughout the Master Key experience one of the key lessons has been the power of vision. Faith, Seeing outcomes before their fulfillment. As I have learned in life and has been validated through the MKMMA experience wherever there is vision and focus combined together with action, individuals and groups of people achieve some incredible feats.

This past weekend I was fortunate to attend a beautiful wedding. This wedding was special for three reasons, a pastor who is an incredible leader, the challenge he gave to the couple to visualize their future together and the “Why” letters he had them write.

The people in attendance knew as the first words were spoke this was not to be an ordinary wedding. As I listened I knew this man did not take his guidance from man but from his Creator. It was clear he was prepared and that whatever he applied himself to he did it to the very best of his God given ability.

During his message to the couple the Pastor shared stories he had learned about each person as they went through premarital counseling. Some were quite funny. Then as a master presenter so gracefully does he presented them with the truth. He shared that married life has its up and downs, hills and valleys, successes, trials and tribulations. He then asked them, How are you each going to handle each of these situations? His following statement to them was epic. His words, “As these situations come, I suggest you stop what you are doing and do the following.” “Think 50 years into the future and see you sitting together on a park bench in a beautiful park, looking into each others eyes and without saying a word, both of you know how much love you have for each other.” The pastor challenged them to stop often and see [visualize] their future together in 50 years.

Now the “Why” letters. During the counseling sessions he had them both write letters to each other about “Why” they wanted to marry them. He also shared with them these letters were not to be given to the other person. He read these beautiful letters to the bride and groom plus the people in attendance. They each shared why they wanted to marry the other and they also included some of the things they wanted to accomplish together plus places they wanted to see together. HE HAD THEM WRITE THEIR DMP’S {definite major purpose}. The energy in the room was electric.

MKMMAer’s can you imagine where each of us could be if we had done this on our wedding day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I almost jumped out of the pew.

“The past is the past, unchangeable, bedrock, but the future is clay moldable day by day.”

As MKMMAer’s we know we cannot change the past but we can our future.

We all understand the lesson, “Once you find your flower don’t let anyone or anything keep you from attending to your Flowers.” [MKMMA week 24 lesson] Follow your heart.

It has been a life gift to have been a part of the MKMMA experience.

With great respect,

Jim Schaben


Master Key Experience Week 23- Service and More Service

Service and more service. 

This past four days have been spent in action. Four days, three states, four presentations and two training sessions. 

This series of presentations have been different for me. The focus has truly been, what can I, Jim Schaben do to be of more service to each individual. What could I do with each moment to be a more effective leader to lead them to the achievement of their goals. 

I presented the hedgehog principle that help them see that to be successful they needed to stay focused on the A and B priorities that are the economic engine that drive our business. I wished I would of videoed the presentation. The expression on their faces as they “caught” the message was priceless. Then I used the tennis ball, three golf balls two quart jars and rice to let them see how they can put their A and B priorities on their calendar and fit the rest of life around their priorities and be successful in “All” of life. Again the facial expressions were priceless. I could see the confidence level in their beings rising to new levels. To top it off I used the paired comparison to let them tell me the A and B priorities of our business. Again the expressions were priceless. No explanations needed. The facts as they completed the paired comparison were silently so loud in the room everyone “caught” the message. 

In 15 years of training I have never had such an overwhelming positive response. People came to me with conviction in their eyes and said, “Now I see how I can do this and live my life to the fullest!”

I walked away from each presentation energized. Not emotionally drained.

MKMMA leaders and guides thank you for your guidance. 

Until next week,

Jim Schaben 

Masterkey Experience Week 22

22:1 When we realize that our present character, our present environment, our present environment, our present ability, our present physical condition are all the result of past methods of thinking, we shall begin to have some conception of the value of knowledge.

Don’t those words cut to the bone and put responsibility right where it belongs. As I read these words my Mothers words come clear in my mind. “Jim, choose your friends and surroundings wisely they both have the ability to affect your life. Positively and negatively.” The love of a Mother for her children carries forward for generations.

One of my first understandings of her words became very clear my sophomore year of high school. On Friday nights after the football games a couple of my friends and some older friends would drive around and drink beer. Yes I knew I was not supposed to do this. Just did it any way. Well one of my friends got into a scuffle with his ex girl friends new boy friend. Fortunately no one got anything but their feelings hurt. As we all know, news travels fast. Monday morning the school secretary comes and gets me out of class right before lunch and shares with me Father Dreiling wants you to be his guest for lunch. Man was I pumped. I had eaten his incredible food before. I couldn’t wait to get there. It didn’t dawn on me he had never taken me out of school before. Upon getting there the aroma of his spaghetti and meat balls filled the room. My mouth was watering. Father Dreiling was a very special person in my life. He had filled many voids. He was more than a priest to me. He was a guiding light in my life. Father Dreiling placed the food in front of me and very confidently said we need to talk. He asked about the details of Friday night and then responded, thank you for telling the truth. I had to take responsibility for my actions and the environment I had placed myself in, and I did. His words stung but they were true. I had to make some changes and I did.

As I have been a part of the Master Keys one recurring theme is constant of my past. The importance and value of Spiritual leaders in my life and the “Life Principles” they taught me. Where would I  be if they had not entered my life. Even more important, that I need to remember their importance in fulfilling my definite major purpose in my life. Everything and anything lasting that I have accomplished in my life has been when I have had my creators guides in my life.   The meaning and clarity of one of my True Best Friends dream about me and my future is becoming very clear to me each week as I press forward with the MKMMA lessons.

MKMMA leaders and guides thank you for laying the ground work for me to discover my pivotal personal needs and my definite major purpose for my life.

Until next week,

Jim Schaben