Master Key Experience-Week 16, Wealth

The Master teacher the carpenter said; The way to Greatness, Find a way to serve the many. Service the invincible key to Greatness.

Master Key 16:1; Wealth is a product of labor. Capital is an effect, not a cause; a servant, not a master; a means not an end.

Some very successful people taught me this when I was young. Too bad it took until 30 to really understand it. Thank God I had failed enough times that I finally started paying attention. The Law of Cause and Effect finally started to sink in. I remember hearing people say find some thing you love to do, and do it with everything in you and you will never feel like you are working. I have to admit I did not understand what they were saying. Why, I don’t know. I think the word I got stuck on was love. I felt like if I followed that phrase it was to singular, it was going to be only about what I loved to do. Then I heard a gentleman speak the words; Find people who could truly benefit from the use and value of what you have to offer and you will discover that what you do is of great service to them and you will be rewarded. The greater the number of people you could be of service to the greater the reward will be. The greatest reward being the satisfaction of knowing what you do is of great value to many people.

I am so grateful I learned the Law of Cause and Effect. It taught me that wealth truly is a product of labor. As I think of the people I admire they are people who are cause driven. Yes, they deliver a service and earn money because they are driven by their cause. The work they do is like the work of an artist. Every action has meaning and life to it. You can tell by observing them that at sometime in the past they had this beautiful picture painted in their mind that they would someday see fulfilled in their life. And daily they see the new painting in their mind they are going to fulfill. Their mindset is true to who they are to their core. The most interesting trait about these people is that earning sums of money is not a stopping point for them. They get up every day and live to be a service to people. Service is just apart of their DNA, it’s who they are. These people see capital as an effect of service and labor. Capital is a servant to them. With this capital they build schools, churches, invest in other peoples ideas and mentor them to success. They help those in need. They understand the difference between a helping hand and a handout.

Wealth is such a beautiful word.

Until next week,

Jim Schaben


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