Master Key Experience- Do It Now Revisited

Yes I’m late with my post. “NO EXCUSE”

One of the key principles I have used in my life to create success has been a do it now attitude. That attitude has reaped me great rewards. Not this week, I’m late. Did I have time to get it done on time? Yes. Why didn’t I? Each time as I would get ready to write the post the thought of, “Think about this particular item for another day, then write it out.” Crazy, bad thinking.

So could I use excuse’s to justify being late? Not me! Let me share a few most would use. Yes these were “some” of the real events in my life this week.

I was completely prepared to write my post when the phone rang and a situation needed addressed. It took much longer than I thought it would. That one work? NO!!! This was Wednesday.

Thursday just got to busy.

Friday who knows.

Everything was laid out to post”Saturday” morning and I needed to go to the bathroom. Then my wife Sandy said one of our children would like our help painting a wall thirty foot wide and eighteen foot high. I love painting and I’m good at it. Can’t pass up helping complete one of my children’s dreams. We finish painting and “wow” did the wall look beautiful. We finished early and the next task that needed done was the Rafters needed sanded so they could be stained. So Mark my son in law and I climbed up the scaffolding and went to work and sanded them all. While we are doing this my daughter Amanda and Sandy start staining the rafters in one of the bedrooms, completed them and started on bedroom number two. The stain on the rafters is beautiful. Then the excitement starts. Sandy is nine foot up a ladder turns to come down and a very stable ladder for some reason decides it is not going to stay in an upright position. Sandy falls to the floor, Left thumb looks like it is possibly dislocated, ankle is already swollen, covered in stain and says I’m ok. Thankfully nothing was broken, and she is healing.

You may be saying, but Jim with everything that happened Saturday it’s ok your post was not done before Sunday at two o’clock. NO I cannot use any of Saturday for an excuse. The post’s are due by 10 PM “FRIDAY NIGHT”

Excuse’s never work but “TRUTH Will ALWAYS WIN THE DAY”

A statement I teach those around me is, “Weight will break a bridge, and too much weight will break any bridge.” Too much weight broke my bridge of being on time this week and I, Jim Schaben am not proud of it.


I am, an on time, do it now, person. ” I Keep My Promises.”

Jim Schaben


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