Master Key week 10 Abundance & Knowledge

Paragraph 23; Knowledge will not apply itself, you must make the application. Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will it drop into your lap. 

The Master Keys teach us knowledge applied is power. This lesson again is a breath of fresh air. The length of this Master Key session is so important to long term change in a persons life. This whole ten weeks have been an extreme validation  of what I knew already but had for some reason stopped applying in my life. Even when you reach any level of success to continue your growth you must surround yourself with a mastermind. As I have read this lesson my mothers words keep ringing in my ears; “Jim surround yourself with good people.” Good people have been Angels in my life so many times. 

What is tied to Knowledge Applied ? Abundance. Abundance in all areas of life. What drives Abundance? A Definite Major Purpose that is cause driven. 

Here is what I am prepared for; to fulfill my Definite Major Purpose in my life. Fortified by a mastermind of like minded people. Acted upon through a well thought out plan of action. 

Jim Schaben 


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