Master Key experience week 7. Recordings

Master Key week 7 – recordings

Week 7 brought with it another piece of the puzzle. Visualization. Seeing clearly in your mind what you want to happen. I have done this many times in the past. It started in high school playing football. It was easy being able to see the play or the tackle happening in my mind. In my twenties I had a goal I wanted to achieve and as I would play it out in my mind I would get goosebumps. In my thirties I had another goal that I played in my mind every day it succeeded also. I look back at those days with great joy.

This week through the Master Key webinar I added another piece of the puzzle. I recorded my DMP, Blue Print and Press Release. To say it was emotionally stimulating would be an understatement. As I read each of these with emotion and conviction I could see it playing out in my mind. 

Also this week I found it interesting that my old blue print kept trying to come back in. This was proof that good things are in store for me as I continue to press on with the daily assignments and break the old blue print into a million pieces. 

The seven day mental diet has its interesting parts in proving how damaging negativity is in a persons life. I have found it very enjoyable in not needing or having to have opinions about everything. 

Until next week,

Jim Schaben


4 thoughts on “Master Key experience week 7. Recordings”

  1. This work is all such an incredible journey. We are putting so many tools together that shade light on our deepest levels. Thank you for such a thorough review of the week.


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