Master Key Experience Week 9-Truth

Paragraph 28: The way to fight darkness is with light–the way to fight cold is with heat–the way to overcome evil is with good. “Affirm the good, and the bad will vanish.”

What is “Truth”? Truth is the vital principal to a relationship with God!!!

One of the traits I have carried with me since is was a young man has been the dislike to be around people who are not honest. Now before you think I, Jim Schaben am Holier Than Thou, understand I to am a sinner. As I read and studied lesson 9 it became very clear to me how I became successful in my previous business. It all started by going to a new church on the first Sunday of December 1986. I will never forget opening the church door letting my wife, daughters and son enter first and then having this tall Gentelman stretch out his hand to shake mine my hand and welcome me to his church. As my hand drew near to his I could feel “Power” enter my body from a man who sought God on a daily basis. I don’t even have to close my eyes to remember how that felt. I knew I had finally found the church I had been searching for. I knew I was in the presence of a Man Amoung Men. The following years produced more joy in my life than I have words to express. Every time I see Pastor Harmon I hug him and thank him for his friendship and guidance.

Reading paragraph 17 about how Abraham Lincoln is said to have begotten in all who came near him the feeling awakened when one approaches a mountain. Reading this gave me a renewed understanding of “Truth and Honesty” in all of our matters of life. In my previous business I was taught how to hire people correctly. Wait until you discover who the Gentelman was to taught this to me. After interviewing people and choosing the best person I would call them for a final interview. What they didn’t know was that the outcome of this interview was truly in their hands based upon how they answered two questions. Sounds to simple doesn’t it.

The two questions were- 1. If was to hire you can you make the commitment to never lie to me?  If no was the answer interview over, period. If they answered yes, I shared with them why that was so important to everyone at our business’s. I helped them see that everyone here made many decisions every day and those decisions when based on “Truth”, the best available facts, our chances for success were magnified. I helped them see that in “All” situations even when it looked like not being “Honest” would win the day, that “The Truth Will Never Let You Down.” I shared with them how I would never get upset with them if you tell me the truth in all situations. There were times grown men would come into my office and ask me to yell at them for making a mistake even if they had been totally honest with me. I always loved my reply to them I can’t, I made an agreement with you that if your were honest with me regardless of the situation we would go fix the mistake together. Thank You God for putting a man of Truth in my life by the name of Gordon Harmon who taught me these simple “Truths” and now another man named Mark J. and all of his associates who are helping carry this message forward.

Second question – If I was to hire you “Would you give me the opportunity to earn your respect? I do not want you to give it to me I want to earn your respect.” By now you can imagine the look on some of the peoples faces. I loved it. In all the years of employing people I never had anyone say no to the second question.  Just yesterday I was at my previous business and one of the people who previously worked for me came to me and thanked me for the environment we had when we worked together. I walked out the door thanking God for putting the “Right People” in my life. Again I say thank you God for your Truth. Thank you for putting men of truth on this great place called earth.

So what are my key takeaways from lesson 9? “Truth Is The Vital Principle To God!” “Truth Is The Vital Principle To A Good Life.” “Truth Is Mighty And Always Prevails.”

Until next week,

Jim Schaben



Master key experience Week 8

Master key week 8. 

Stop it!!!!!!!!! I loved the video I received this morning. How many times do us adults just need someone to tell us stop it. Stop the old thinking. Stop the negativity. Just Stop It!!!! 

Part eight is powerful. Carlyle loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony. 

The Quote from George Adams- “Learn to keep the door shut, keep out of your mind, out of your office, and out of your world, every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

The seven day mental diet is fun and challenging at the same time. I am finding my self laughing at me over what I may have negative thoughts about during the day. I am seeing myself not getting hung up on people’s opinions. I just smile. No gain in wasting breath and thought on that. It doesn’t add value to me. 

Building the battle ship is entertaining. I took my imagination clear back to God creating the earth with His spoken word. And seeing people who were willing to risk take opportunities to employ people to accomplish many good things in life. They built teams of people who enjoyed what they did and were attached to the cause. 

Looking forward to the rest of the week. 

Jim Schaben 

Master Key experience week 7. Recordings

Master Key week 7 – recordings

Week 7 brought with it another piece of the puzzle. Visualization. Seeing clearly in your mind what you want to happen. I have done this many times in the past. It started in high school playing football. It was easy being able to see the play or the tackle happening in my mind. In my twenties I had a goal I wanted to achieve and as I would play it out in my mind I would get goosebumps. In my thirties I had another goal that I played in my mind every day it succeeded also. I look back at those days with great joy.

This week through the Master Key webinar I added another piece of the puzzle. I recorded my DMP, Blue Print and Press Release. To say it was emotionally stimulating would be an understatement. As I read each of these with emotion and conviction I could see it playing out in my mind. 

Also this week I found it interesting that my old blue print kept trying to come back in. This was proof that good things are in store for me as I continue to press on with the daily assignments and break the old blue print into a million pieces. 

The seven day mental diet has its interesting parts in proving how damaging negativity is in a persons life. I have found it very enjoyable in not needing or having to have opinions about everything. 

Until next week,

Jim Schaben

Master Key Experience Week Six – Growing to a new level

Master Key Experience Week 6 – Growing to a new level

Practice, practice, practice the rest is work yes John Wooden I keep hearing those words. This week has been a break through week. My guide Sheila has been keeping me centered and focused gently guiding me to self discovery. She has encouraged me and disciplined me at the appropriate times. Challenging me to stay focused on getting my DMP refined to exactness. Sheila thank you for guiding me to discovering the greatness in me and taking the appropriate actions to let it out. I know I am at the beginning and I am up to the completion of this journey. I am looking forward to week 7.

Jim Schaben