Ok Mark J. you are either crazy or you may of consumed to much Hawaiian super juice. Either way you are funny!!!! You are asking me to not have any opinions for two weeks. I almost fell off my chair laughing. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I do give my opinions to many times when not ask for. I am enjoying this self discovery. As soon as you finished talking about this I went to my wife and told her. She laughed also. I went to bed last night laughing at me! As I thought about opinions again it hit me, “OPINIONS ARE THE PARENTS OF NEGATIVITY!”   So since I know I keep my promises I am going to win this opportunity also. Sheila, Mark, Davene and Trish keep kicking my butt!

Jim Schaben You Have Greatness Within You,

Jim Schaben


4 thoughts on “MKMMA WEEK 5 NO OPINIONS”

  1. Thanks for sharing your insight into opinions and that it is kicking your butt and now you have your wife involved. It is challenging as well not to give my opinion about your blog to just say it is great. ha!


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