Week 3 eliminating Will

This weeks webinar was liberating. I had been challenged the previous two weeks in reading scroll 1 from The Greatest Salesman because of continually reading I will. Even though I have read this book at least 10 times before starting the Master Keys. Yes I read it as suggested except I missed reading it twice for two days, no good excuse, I just didn’t do it. Something inside of me just didn’t feel right every time I read “I Will”. I knew there was going to be a lesson to learn so I kept doing it. When Mark at the beginning of Sunday’s webinar said one of the things to do this week was to cross out will from scroll one my spirit jumped for joy. I first went through the scroll and put a line through all the words “will”, and then reread the scroll. I was amazed how my mind still wanted to read will even though a part of my mind said do not read the word “will”. I read it a second time still the same results. I told myself I will fix this and took a black marker and completely blacked out the word will. Amazing results in reading the scroll out loud only one time did I insert the word will. The second time 100% success. “NO WILL’S” ONLY A SURGE OF ENERGY ABOUT WHAT I WAS  ACCOMPLISHING. Upon finishing the second reading I wrote –  I Pomise, Will is no more!!!! I keep my promises, James Mark Schaben

Jim Schaben you are uncovering the greatness you have in You.


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