Press Release – Jim Schaben

Press Release by Aaron Schaben

Last week I was able to spend a day with an individual who has not only influenced my life but tens of thousands of others also. This man I call “Pops” others of you call him Dad, Papa, friend, mentor or business partner. Many of you say he’s the best listener and helps us self discover solutions to the questions we may ask. No matter what any of us call him the one constant is how we feel when we are around him and the lasting effect his presence has on us.  This man’s name is Jim Schaben and I am fortunate to have earned the opportunity to do this interview.

Today we are in the breathtaking setting of Lake Powell in southern Utah. We are tied to the shore on the Schaben’s 72′ houseboat “Noah genda” tucked in front of the beautiful Alice J Arch located at mile marker 83. Shear walls surround us on three sides. The rising sun is starting to crest the east wall, warming me as I take in this beauty. The water is so clear I can see fish swimming twenty feet below me darting back as they chase the bait fish. I’m not sure if I have ever experienced such a beautiful setting in all my travels. As I prepare my thoughts for the interview I am reminded of one of Jim’s “Mantra’s” for his life, “Whatever I do and wherever I go, my goal is to create a prosperous environment that encourages productivity and pleasure.” I clearly understand why he asked me to drive the 1,000 miles to do the interview here.

Pops, “Thank you for making the time for this interview.” “Aaron, it’s my pleasure.”

So Pops, when did this whole idea of learning and self-discovery start?  It all started at the family reunions when I was a little boy.  My father passed away when I was two years old and as I grew I had this desire to be around my uncles and Grandpa to listen to them talk about their lives and farming operations. Everyone tried to get me to go outside and play football, baseball or tag with my cousins but something inside me just wanted to absorb every word these men were saying.  The most interesting thing I caught early on from them was their conversations were about creating.  Creating families of value and farms that sustained their lifestyle.  My grandpa and uncles were soft spoken men who understood their place in life.  They shared their struggles and success’s with each other.  Aaron, what I would learn later in life is that they were “Master Minding” on the greatest keys to success in life.

These men played a great influence early in your life.  Was there any other pivotal moments early on that kept you grounded?  Yes, my mother.  When I was a junior in high school my mom gave me a plaque of the “IF” poem by Rudyard Kipling.  Next to my bible the words in the poem have been a place to gather inner calmness in the midst of storms and my place of humbleness through success’s. “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs.”  Or some days, “If you can talk with crowds and keep you virtue, or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch.”  Aaron, I can’t count the number of times I’ve read the poem.

So Pops, if you were to put these moments in to a few words what would that look like?  That’s simple Aaron, You become what you think about, believe in and apply action to, plus the people you surround yourself with.  Your Master Mind group. Maybe an easier way for some to understand it is, “Discover what it is you love to do and do it!”  Let this love be your cause, your reason for being here.  Then keep doing it even though well meaning people can’t understand why you are so driven by this cause.  Just remember, God gave you the “cause” complete it through His strength and wisdom.  You will be overwhelmed at the “effect,” result, He has in store for you and a lot of people will be blessed because of your faithfulness to your cause.

“Wow!” Pop’s you really believe this, Aaron, I believe this “to my core!”

Pop’s lets talk about the last eleven years and the events that started you on to an even great level of significance. Well Aaron when I was 59 I just had this stirring inside of me that wouldn’t go away. I had been searching inside myself to really get back on track mentally. One of the things I did in my twenties was listen to an audio of Think and Grow Rich while I slept. So I started doing it again every night. Things started to slowly click again for me but I could tell I was missing some of the key pieces. Then one of the ladies I work with in my business introduced me to some material she was listening to and it was about a Think and Grow Rich study course hosted by a guy who called himself Mark J. The course was already half way done so I listened and learned there was to be a Master Key course in the fall of 2015 using some of the material Hill used in writing Think and Grow Rich. I was fortunate to receive a pay it forward scholarship and boy did it open my mind. They said early on it would push you to a new of self-discovery. Aaron I had to learn how to truly think again. Let me share with you some of what has happened.

Everyday for the past eleven years I have lived a life of purpose and cause. The first two signs that things were changing was my relation ship with God. I started really praying everyday and thanking God for his blessings on my life. Even started attending church every time possible. I found my greatest strength was God within me. The second sign was my relationship with Sandy grew to a deepness we had never experienced. The Jim and Sandy magic became more than ever before. I truly understood what it was to be a husband and father.

The next thing to improve was my relationship with my family. The hours of communication between us this last eleven years and the time spent together has been priceless. We spend a lot of time together but we also are very productive in our business’s. The days we have spent at the Lake House and building the business’s will be some of our most memorable times. Aaron you know how I feel about the grandchildren growing into productive adults. Just watching them succeed scholastically in sports and as individuals has been a gold star in my life.

What about the Schaben Partners business how has that changed? When I chose the Schaben Partners name for the corporation I wanted a name that those involved knew they were part of a group that truly partnered together and cared for each other even though they had their own individual business. The Master Key Principles set it all in motion to help people know their purpose in life and not to shy away from completing God’s task for them here on earth. The Keys through time helped created freedom in each of our lives.

Aaron the SP team has now reached multiple corners of the earth helping multiple ten’s of thousands of individuals with their health and create the wealth they need to live their lives to the fullest. It would take me the next twenty years to share all the results people have received from using the products. I hear these stories each and every day and never tire in hearing of a persons success. We have mom’s now at home raising their children and at the same time building wealth around their busy lives. Dads have been able to leave corporate jobs and create wealth by working to fulfill their families dreams. Business men and women of all walks of life have joined us and now exceed their previous incomes. young adults we never were able to reach started joining in mass numbers. It is amazing when you create prosperous environments that encourage productivity and pleasure what happens. The great news is I may be 70 this year but were just beginning. I’m focused on 2026 and beyond being the greatest years of my life. One of my early causes was to feed 20,000 Kalogris Children the products every day we completed that now our focus is to double that. Every year these kids send me letters I’ve kept everyone of them.

Aaron in closing what causes me great joy is knowing I have done some thing in life that will affect generations to come. Now lets go spend the rest of the day touring the lake and talk about the future. Do you want to captain the boat or do you want me to?



Ok Mark J. you are either crazy or you may of consumed to much Hawaiian super juice. Either way you are funny!!!! You are asking me to not have any opinions for two weeks. I almost fell off my chair laughing. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I do give my opinions to many times when not ask for. I am enjoying this self discovery. As soon as you finished talking about this I went to my wife and told her. She laughed also. I went to bed last night laughing at me! As I thought about opinions again it hit me, “OPINIONS ARE THE PARENTS OF NEGATIVITY!”   So since I know I keep my promises I am going to win this opportunity also. Sheila, Mark, Davene and Trish keep kicking my butt!

Jim Schaben You Have Greatness Within You,

Jim Schaben

week 4 “I can be what I will to be”

The lesson Part 4 has the Power to be the game changer!

As I reflect back on my life success’s there is one glaring constant. My thinking! What did I spend my time thinking about? Creating and Service. How many new people could we help, make their life better and more efficient. Creating a new product, a more efficient way of getting things done or maybe a new service for the people we served or the new people coming on board. Every moment was about creating and serving. I was focused on a cause and didn’t even know it. This cause woke me up early every morning and supplied me with the energy and mindset to succeed every day. immense energy was expended every month and immense effect was created. Were there challenges? So many I couldn’t keep count of them. I overcame them because I was focused on the cause. As shared in the lesson “when I made up my mind I was not to be overruled by obstacles.” They were opportunities to discover was I ready to grow to another level!!!!!!!!!!!

Section 20-21 of the lesson especially made me stop and reflect on the past but more so what I must do to secure my FUTURE. 20- Here is the secret of power, of mastery. We cannot give unless we get; we cannot be helpful unless we are strong. If we wish to be of service to others we must have power and more power, BUT TO GET IT WE MUST GIVE IT; WE MUST BE OF SERVICE. 21- the more we give the more we shall get; “we must become a channel whereby God can express activity.”

This lesson has made me think to my core.

“I can be what I will to be”

Jim Schaben You Have Greatness Within You,

I keep my promises,

Jim Schaben

Week 3 eliminating Will

This weeks webinar was liberating. I had been challenged the previous two weeks in reading scroll 1 from The Greatest Salesman because of continually reading I will. Even though I have read this book at least 10 times before starting the Master Keys. Yes I read it as suggested except I missed reading it twice for two days, no good excuse, I just didn’t do it. Something inside of me just didn’t feel right every time I read “I Will”. I knew there was going to be a lesson to learn so I kept doing it. When Mark at the beginning of Sunday’s webinar said one of the things to do this week was to cross out will from scroll one my spirit jumped for joy. I first went through the scroll and put a line through all the words “will”, and then reread the scroll. I was amazed how my mind still wanted to read will even though a part of my mind said do not read the word “will”. I read it a second time still the same results. I told myself I will fix this and took a black marker and completely blacked out the word will. Amazing results in reading the scroll out loud only one time did I insert the word will. The second time 100% success. “NO WILL’S” ONLY A SURGE OF ENERGY ABOUT WHAT I WAS  ACCOMPLISHING. Upon finishing the second reading I wrote –  I Pomise, Will is no more!!!! I keep my promises, James Mark Schaben

Jim Schaben you are uncovering the greatness you have in You.

Week 2 Master Key

Week 2 has been a continuation of learning to be disciplined and not making excuses. Some of this has been scary in learning the learning process. The sit is becoming comfortable. I watched the webinar a second time to reinforce listening to the session on Sunday. I think I am feeling something inside of me stirring. I picked legacy and true health as my PPN’s. Ready to redo my DMP.

Waking the greatness I have within me,

Jim Schaben

Mastering Master Key

Everything in life has a learning curve. I am up to the challenge. I am creating new habits and a little of my drive is coming back. It is true that what we think about controls our life. I am changing my thinking habits. My thinking habits plus action will change my life. As you are reading this you might ask yourself am I satisfied with my results? If not make a change. Do something about it.

To your greatness<

Jim Schaben